EZ Tarp Automated Truck Tarper. Easy install truck cover.
  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
about E-Z tarp automated truck tarp

  Designed for Farmers by Farmers.

The E-Z Tarp system was developed in the mid 1980s to solve problems related to tarping potato trucks after being loaded in the field. The old tarp systems required truck drivers to climb onto the truck and sometimes on the potatoes to cover the load. This practice bruised potatoes and held the possibility of the driver falling from the truck. This tarping process was time consuming and sometimes required harvest workers to stop their job and help the driver with the tarp.

To eliminate these problems a fully automatic tarping system was developed. The EZ-Tarp system protects crops, enhances operator safety, and saves time in transport. Overall, EZ-Tarp is a step towards increased productivity. Below is an early advertising flyer showing the first prototype of the EZ-Tarp system.

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About the E-Z Tarp automatic truck tarp for farmers.